A Fashion Travesty : (

Howdy Icons!🤘

Yes Yes… I know, it’s hard to believe that that this picture was taken with consent, even if your into fashion or not… you don’t have to be a genius to figure out what’s wrong in this picture. (inevitably, anything that you do based on expressing yourself, means you like fashion).

No disrespect to this guy, I would like to think he a cool dude.. (he might be a little trigger happy lol). All in all, I’m not here to judge how God made him, his path in life or what he does in his free time, besides not dressing well : (..

There’s so many red flags going off in my brain right now that I dont even want to go in depth in order to keep this from being a long-winded essay lol.

I don’t even know where to start, so I’m gonna start some where. I have no idea what any of these brands, and did anyone else notice every piece of clothing on him looks like it belongs to his girl or somethin..

Then to top it all off, he shows his piece like he’s showing off a belt buckle.

I’m sorry for everyone born after 2000, I know it feels like being responsible for somthing yall didn’t do but you can’t change what happened now, I suppose.

Yall stay blessed! PuertoGreekin out✌


Fashion is my passion!

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