Super Nova

Super Nova

Super Nova by brianawatson21 

This post is dedicated to the Fashion Icon of the day, brianawatson21. 

The set that she created above had me shell shocked when I first laid my eyes on it! (Not to mention it had almost 300 likes and my best one only had 4! 😅😂). 

“FUN” FACT: Me and brianawatson21 have the same rank on Polyvore (fashion app) but it couldn’t be more obvious that she is leagues above me! The set above is simple  but the colors of the midwaist shorts and shoes are so eye-catching and alurring, not to mention the accessories are complimentary to the outfit.

 Also, what stood out to me is that any girl, no matter what her figure, can be comfortable while looking good in it! and I think that’s where I’ve been lacking in my sets honestly.

Sorry got a little sidetracked😅

All in all, kudos to you brianawatson21 for this awesome set and for being the FIRST Fashion Icon of the day! Keep on making dope outfits and be iconic!

Thank you all for liking and reading my post, it’s truly a blessing. See ya next time!

Boohoo crop top

High waisted shorts

Converse canvas sneaker

Stackable ring

Pearl jewelry

$105 –

Monki hair pin

$2.46 –

Butter London nail polish


Fashion is my passion!

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